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"Eg ser deg. Eg ser deg."

When working on farms in Norway, I learned a folk song about two lovers of sorts that were singing to each other across the fjord (translated): "I see you. I see you. But I can not come to you. Had I a boat and it was of good wood etc..." I find myself singing to the plants, as I await a de-icing cable since I can't pick ice to free the side due to injury.

Although there is a zippered flap that I installed for convenience and access, it is held down by a board topped with concrete blocks that are currently still frozen solid, thanks to our wildly erratic winters of snow and rain. And no, I don't trust my uninterested kids to do the job without destroying the plastic.

I saw today through the warm steam that there was even a broccoli plant forming a head in the back. I usually plant it for the leaves alone and would have expected it to simply bolt after over wintering but I must have kept the temperatures stable enough with interior lights and heaps of covers. It is Arcadia broccoli: cold hardy and disease resistant. My 4-year-old excitedly awaits his favourite crop.

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