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A Picture of Health

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

I find it interesting how pathologies tend to be stopped in their tracks in a winter garden. I'm not sure entirely why, because it's an enclosed environment and has rarely been vented this winter. Temperature can partially explain things, though with a light on in the bed and comforters on top during the coldest nights and with thermal energy from the sun streaming in during the day, it can get pretty warm in the bed. There would be no spores from surrounding gardens being carried on the wind (until I can get everyone hooked on this!), very few insects to serve as vectors and few slugs to damage the leaves and open infection sites. Perhaps one of my tricks is letting the top of the soil dry out. Anyway, I'll just enjoy it, making a little meditation before this harvest. The pests and diseases (and weeding and watering) will come soon enough and people get a bit perplexed to hear me complaining about spring.

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