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Sweet Potatoes: a sweet surprise

It's thanksgiving in Canada. For me, growing up sweet potatoes were a sweet treat at our feast, (though we didn't add marshmallows on top like many do). Now, we are having sweet potatoes AGAIN for dinner. My sweet 3-year-old poked holes in them with a pen, so curing them is not an option, though we have blanched and frozen mountains of the leaves. Having been eating so many after our big harvest, the kids are even tiring of them...a little. What we don't tire of are the fun shapes and different colours -- purple, yellow, orange and white. Like carrots, if sweet potatoes are given a head start in a pot and then transplanted, they will become "deformed". I actually did this intentionally and I am pleased with the results, though even planting the slips directly will create works of art. Any guesses?

A mother and her babies. Look, there's even an umbilical chord.

The big ones! Walruses apparently.

Purples sweet potato and sweet potato leaf stir fry.

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